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A Appendix
WARNING! To prevent system failures,
(Safely Remove Hardware) on the
taskbar before disconnecting the USB
floppy disk drive. Eject the floppy disk
before transporting the Notebook PC to
prevent damage from shock.
Optional Accessories (Cont.)
These items, if desired, come as optional items to complement your Notebook PC.
USB Floppy Disk Drive
The Notebook PC features an optional USB-interface disk drive that accepts a standard 1.44MB (or
720KB) 3.5-inch floppy diskette. The eject button is on the top edge of the floppy disk drive for easy
access, unlike desktop PCs with the eject button on the bottom of the floppy disk drive. Floppy access
activity can be monitored through the LED on the front of the floppy disk drive.
USB Keyboard and Mouse
Attaching an external USB keyboard will allow data entry to be more comfortable. Attaching an exter-
nal USB mouse will allow Windows navigation to be more comfortable. Both the external USB key-
board and mouse will work simultaneously with the Notebook PC’s built-in keyboard and touchpad.