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5 Configuring the BIOS
I/O Device Configuration (sub-menu)
Item Specific Help
I/O Device Configuration
IR Port
DMA Channel
Parallel Port
ECP DMA Select
<Enter> to select the
I/O Address & IRQ for
IR Port [2F8H/IRQ3]
This field allows you to configure the Notebook PC’s serial COM1 port. The configuration options are:
[3F8H/IRQ4] [2F8H/IRQ3] [3E8H/IRQ4] [2E8H/IRQ3] [Disabled]
DMA Channel: [1]
The DMA Channel field allows you to configure the Parallel port DMA Channel for the selected
ECP mode. The configuration options are: [1] [3]
WARNING! Changing the default address and IRQ settings for Serial Port or Parallel
Port can cause conflicts with other system devices or installed peripherals.
NOTE: The presence of sub-items in this menu is dependent on certain relevant settings.