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GigaX Series L2 Managed Switch User Guide
Login and Logout
By typing “login” to enter the CLI mode, you have to give a valid user name
and password. As the first time login, you can enter “admin” as the user name
and bypass the password. For security reason, please change the user name
and password after login. Once you forget the use name and password, you
may contact ASUS support team or erase the whole configuration file in the
Boot ROM Command mode. If you take the second choice, the whole system
configuration is lost at the same time. That is, you have to configure the switch
You type “logout” to leave the CLI mode safely. This action allows you to
secure the CLI mode. The next user has to do login again with authorized user
name and password.
CLI Commands
The switch provides CLI commands for all managed functions. The command
uses are listed in the categories as the WEB management interface. This way,
you can follow the instructions and set up the switch correctly as easily as
using WEB interface to configure the switch. “save” command is used to save
the configuration to flash. Some CLI command is only effective after “save”
command is executed.
Always use “?” to get the available commands list and help.
Always use “/” to get back to the root directory.
Always use “..” to get back to parent directory.
Type the command only to get help for the command
System Commands
[System Name]
Displays the given name of the switch. This is an RFC-1213 defined MIB
object in System Group, and provides administrative information on the
managed node.
CLI command : sys name <system name description>