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GigaX Series L2 Managed Switch User Guide
Edge Port: All ports are set to be edge ports by default. Edge port
becomes STP port when BPDU is received. Also, it takes very short time
for an edge port to be in forwarding state.
Point to Point: Auto/Yes/No. A full duplex link is considered as a point to
point link. Otherwise, it is a shared link. Point to point link may have less
convergence time. Auto is recommended in most cases.
to make the settings effective. Click
to refresh the
settings to current value.
Figure 17. Spanning Tree
Link Aggregation
The page configures the link aggregation group (port trunking). The switch
can have 6 link aggregation groups.
Show Trunk: Select “Add a new Trunk” for a new created group. Or select
an existed group to display on the following fields and port icons.