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ASUS PCI-AS300 User's Manual
The PCI-AS300 SCSI/Audio MediaBus Card
This is a brief guie on how to configure and install the PCI-AS300 adapter card in
your system. The card is a composite SCSI adapter and 16-bit audio card that uses
the ASUS MediaBus expansion slot. The MediaBus slot is a composite slot com-
prised of a 120-pin 5-volt PCI local bus slot and a 72-pin ISA slot extension. On the
PCI-AS300, the SCSI adapter part of the card connects to the PCI slot and the audio
card portion connects to the ISA slot extension.
How this manual is organized
This manual is divided into the following sections:
I. INTRODUCTION - This opening page.
II. FEATURES - Information and specifications concerning the PCI-AS300.
III. INSTALLATION - Instructions on setting up the PCI-AS300.
IV. AUDIO DRIVERS - Instructions on setting up the audio drivers.
Item Checklist
Please check that your package is complete. If you discover damaged or missing
items, please contact your retailer.
√ PCI-AS300 MediaBus adapter
√ 50 Pin ribbon cable
√ 68 Pin ribbon cable
√ This user's manual
√ 1 CD containing SCSI & audio drivers and utilities
√ 1 diskette containing SCSI drivers for WinNT
√ 1 diskette containing SCSI drivers for SCO Unix, Unix Ware