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ASUS PCI-AS300 User's Manual
If the name of your SCSI chipset does not appear, you may be able to find its
miniport driver on the Windows95 CD-ROM. Follow these steps:
Place the Windows95 CD-ROM in your CDROM drive and run the Add New
Hardware wizard.
Select No on the second screen, and select SCSI controllers on the next screen.
Click on the Have Disk button, then click the Browse button.
Look in the \drivers\storage directory of the CDROM and select the name of
your SCSI host adapter if it appears.
What if a yellow exclamation point or a red X appears in Device Manager in
front of my host adapter?
This means there is some kind of resource problem. First, see if the names of any
host adapters appear that are not actually installed in your computer. If so, select the
name and click Remove. If a red X appears in front of your host adapter name,
remove all the host adapter references under SCSI Controllers and run Add New
Hardware, as described in the previous question/answer. If a yellow exclamation
point appears in front of your host adapter name, the resources that the driver uses
probably do not match the resources used by the hardware. Double-click the host
adapter name, then click on the Resource tab. Deselect the Use automatic settings
box and edit the resources (Interrupt Request, Direct Memory Access, etc.) so they
match those used by the host adapter. If the problem still remains, there is probably
a hardware resource conflict between the host adapter and other hardware in your
computer. You can fix this by changing the hardware resource settings. (See your
hardware documentation.)
What do I need to do if I want to use another host adapter?
Open the Control Panel, double-click on System, and click the Device Man-
ager tab.
Double-click the SCSI Controllers icon, select the name of the old host adapter,
and click Remove.
Turn OFF the computer and physically remove the currently installed host
Install the new host adapter according to the instructions in the hardware docu-
Turn the computer ON. If the new host adapter supports Plug and Play, Win-
dows will install and configure it automatically. Otherwise, run Add New Hard-
ware to make sure the new driver is loaded.