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ASUS PCI-AS300 User's Manual
Troubleshooting Tips
SCSI Device Troubleshooting
Review this checklist if your newly-installed SCSI disk drives, CDROM drives, and
other devices do not seem to work properly:
Be sure that termination is correctly set for all devices on the SCSI bus, as
described in your host adapter documentation.
Be sure there are no hardware conflicts such as devices in your computer try-
ing to use the same interrupts (IRQs) or DMA channels.
Be sure the cables connecting the external and internal SCSI devices and the
host adapter are attached securely. Also be sure the pin-1 orientation is correct
for internal cables. See the host adapter documentation for more information.
Be sure that each SCSI device connected to the host adapter has a unique SCSI
Be sure CD-ROM drives and other SCSI devices are attached to a power source
and are turned ON.
Windows95/WindowsNT Troubleshooting
What is a miniport driver, and how do I make sure that the miniport driver is
installed correctly?
Miniport drivers are a new kind of 32bit protect mode device driver used by Win-
dows95 and WindowsNT to control host adapters and other kinds of devices. Win-
dows95 and WindowsNT include a set of miniport drivers for various types of SCSI
host adapters. The host adapter miniport driver is automatically installed and con-
figured during Windows95 and WindowsNT installation if your host adapter is al-
ready installed. To make sure the driver is installed correctly in systems running
Windows95, open the Control Panel, double-click on System, and click the Device
Manager tab. Then double-click the SCSI Controllers icon; you should see the model
name of the SCSI host adapter(s) installed in your system.
What if there is no SCSI controllers icon under Device Manager, or the model
name of the SCSI chipset does not appear under Device Manager?
If the SCSI controllers icon or your host adapter’s model name do not appear, open
Control Panel and double-click the Add New Hardware icon. Let Windows search
for the host adapter by selecting Yes on the second screen of the Add New Hardware
If Windows does not detect the host adapter, run the Add New Hardware Wizard
again. This time, select No on the second screen of the wizard, then select SCSI
controllers on the next screen. Select the name of your host adapter when it appears.