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AP6000 Hardware Reference Guide
AP6000 Redundant Power
Server Back Side
The back side of the server is provided to show the back exterior compo-
nents of this server.
Chassis Security
To protect the server chassis from unauthorized intrusion, the chassis side
panels and front panel can be locked with the built-in keylock. Chassis in-
trusion switches can be connected to the motherboard’s “chassis” connector
to allow monitoring of the chassis side panels’ open/close status. If either
one or both of the side panels are opened, the motherboard’s onboard hard-
ware monitor can provide alerting and logging with the provided manage-
ment software.
Redundant Power
AC Power In
Parallel Port
PS/2 Keyboard
Serial Port COM1
PS/2 Mouse
Power Supply Fan
USB Ports 1 and 2
Circulation System
Outlet Vents
Intrusion Switch
Intrusion Switch
Server back side
Voltage Input Switch
VGA Connector
LAN Connector
This insert is to be used with the AP6000 server with the optional 400W
redundant power supply.