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Chapter 2: Hardware setup
2.7.2 Removing a power supply module
The power supply modules that came with the system is redundant and
hot-swappable. This feature allows you to remove or change either one of
the modules even while the system in powered ON.
To remove a power supply module, squeeze and push down the handle of
the module that you wish to remove to release the module. The module
ejects for about 2 inches when released. Carefully pull out the module.
2.7Power supply
2.7.1 Power cable connections
The AR200 power supply unit (PSU) consists of two redundant power
supply modules with five power plugs. The picture below indicates where
you need to connect the PSU power plugs.
Left backplane board
System interface board
Right backplane board
SMBus connector on
left backplane board
DA3100 controller