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ASUS AR200 RAID system
Installing SCSI hard disk drives
The RAID system comes with six externally accessible hard disk drive
Hot-Swap Drive Tray
On each of the HDD bays is a hot-
swap tray for mounting a hard disk
drive. Flip open the tray levers to
release the tray, then slide the tray out
of the chassis.
SCSI HDD Mounting
Place the SCSI hard disk drive to
the hot-swap tray and secure it
with four screws as shown.
HDD Installation
After the drive is secure on the tray,
carefully insert the drive into the bay,
then push the levers back in place.
Take note of the drive tray orientation before you slide it out. The tray
will not fit back into the bay if you insert it the wrong way.
Tray Levers