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Installing ASUS LDSM OEM
Step1: installing and configuring SNMP.
1. At the Microsoft SNMP Properties dialog, click the Traps tab.
2. In the Community Name box, type a name for the SNMP community,
such as public.
3. Click the Add button.
4. Below the Trap Destinations box, click the Add button.
5. Type the IP address or computer name of your network's SNMP management
6. Click the Add button.
7. Click the OK button.
8. Click the Close button.
9. When prompted , click the Yes button to restart your computer.
Step2: installing Windows NT Service Pack3 (or above).
Step3: installing LDSM.
1. Insert the ASUS install CD.
2. Click Install LDSM.
3. Select Install to install LDSM and Click Next.
4. Select Yes to agree the license and Click Next.
5. Type the Registration Key and Click Next.
6. Click Plan to view installation help, Click Next.
7. Select LDSM components that you wish to install, Click Next.
8. Select Server to install LDSM Agent. Click Next.
9. Specify a Windows NT group or user that can remote control the server
, Click Next.
10. Re-check your setting and Click Install.
11. Wait for Transferring files and Click Next.
12. Wait for Transferring AMS Services and Click Next.
13. Select Reboot now and Finish to restart your computer.
Note1: If you install LDSM Agent to Windows NT, You must install ASMA first.
To configure LDSM Agent for Netware 4.x.
1. Edit \SYS\System\ Netware Agent.
2. LDSM default to mask sm_auto.ncf, unmask it.
3. In the last line, add asusldsm.ncf
4. Edit \SYS\System\ASMM.INI to configure ASMM function at Netware Agent.
Default value is as follow.
ASREnable=0 ----------------- Disable ASR. Set 0 to disable. Set 1 to enable.
ASRTimer=5 ----------------- ASR Polling Time (unit: Min)
ChassisIntrusionExist=0 ----- ChassisIntrusionExist. Set 0 to disable,
Set 1 to enable photo sensor.
Set 2 to enable micro switch.
5. Restart Netware Server.