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ASUS Status icon
The ASUS status icon allows you to easily check and see the current status of the following
device components: CPU, USB, LCD Brightness, Battery power, Memory, MiniSD card, and
device storage.
To check the status of these components, tap the ASUS Status icon
on the Today screen.
CPU: Allows you to set the CPU mode. Set to
Automatic Mode to automatically change the CPU
speed according to the CPU loading.
USB: Allows you to set the USB connection mode.
Brightness: Tap to adjust the LCD brightness on
battery power or external power.
Power: Displays the remaining battery power and
allows you to set advanced power saving features.
Memory: Displays the total, currently used, and
remaining memory available.
Storage card memory: Displays the total, used,
and remaining storage card memory.
MiniSD card: Tap to display the contents of the
miniSD card installed.
Settings: Allows you to select the items to display
in this ASUS Status pop-up menu.