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Device components description
14 Mode/Task switcher button Allows you to switch applications and tasks.
15 5-way Joystick
This 5-way joystick is used to move through menus. Press the center
to run an application or in camera mode, press to take a picture.
16 Numeric keypad
Allows easy dialing when making a phone call.
17 Right Soft key
Performs the task indicated above the button.
18 End button
Press to end a call.
19 Ok or Close button
Press to confirm a command or press to close/exit an open
20 Clear button
Press to delete a character or number to left.
21 Camera flash light
Allows you to capture images in a dim environment.
22 Camera lens
This 2-megapixel camera comes with Auto-Focus (AF) lens and flash
light features.
23 Speaker
Allows you to listen audio media and incoming phone calls.
24 Battery compartment
Contains the battery that supplies power to the device.
25 Power button
Press once to set suspend mode or to wake device from sleep mode.
Press and hold to turn the power ON or OFF.
26 Hold button
Press to disable all keys including the LCD touch screen.
27 Mic
Used to answer a phone call, say voice commands, and record
sounds or voice.
28 Mini-USB connector
Use this connector to synchronize your data or to charge the battery.
29 Earphone port
Plug headset accessory to this port.