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Stereo headset setup
P525 supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), which is used by Bluetooth-enabled
stereo headsets. Make sure that your stereo headset also supports A2DP.
2. From the Bluetooth manager screen, tap New then select High
Quality Audio Setup.
3. Make sure that your stereo headset device is in pairing mode
and ready to receive incoming connection requests then tap
4. Tap the name of your stereo headset device then tap Next.
• If you want to create a shortcut, tap the check box Create a
shortcut for this connection then input a connection name.
• If you want to use a secure connections, tap the check box
to Use a secure, encrypted connection.
5. Tap Finish to initiate connection.
1. Tap
on the Today screen then on the shortcut menu tap Bluetooth Manager.
To answer a phone call using your stereo headset, make sure that you have
mono and stereo connection at the same time.
To use voice commander while using a headset, press the answer button on the
headset then follow given instructions.