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ASUS High-Speed CD-ROM Drive User’s Manual
After you have installed the CD-ROM Drive into your computer, the drivers neces-
sary to run the drive may now be installed. The CD-ROM Drive comes with an
ASUS CD/DVD-ROM Driver for DOS/Win 3.X Installation disk.
In addition to the hardware-dependent driver, a software-dependent driver is installed:
MSCDEX.EXE (version 2.21 or later), which is the Microsoft CD-ROM Extension, a
standard mechanism for interfacing CD-ROM drives with computers. The driver comes
with your operating system (OS), for example, MS-DOS.
DOS/Windows 3.x
1. Restart your computer in DOS Mode.
2. With the installation disk into either drive A or drive B, type A: install (or B:
install) and then press [Enter].
3. Choose your preferred setup option and then follow the onscreen instructions.
4. Highlight Start Installation and then press [Enter]. The installation utility will
update your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files with the appropriate
settings and create the other options that you chose.
5. After the installation is completed, restart your computer.
Setup Options
Two setup options are available: Express Setup, for quick and easy installation; and
Custom Setup, for customized installation settings, such as the target directory for
the driver and installation files, and special settings. For most users, Express Setup,
which installs the default CD-ROM driver setting, works just fine.
Transfer Mode (DOS only)
To take advantage of the special settings to fully use your drive’s capability, highlight
Transfer Mode under the Custom Setup dialog box and then press [Enter]. The dif-
ferent transfer mode options will be displayed, namely, PIO Mode or Programmed
Input/Output Mode, Multi-word DMA Mode or Multi-word Direct Memory Access
Mode, and Ultra DMA Mode, also known as Ultra-ATA or Ultra-DMA/33.
NOTE: These special settings require that you have a motherboard or install an adapter that
supports either or all of these modes. If your system supports it, select DMA Mode (prefer-
ably Ultra DMA Mode) for better performance.
Other Operating Systems
If your CD-ROM Drive is already installed, Windows 9x or Windows NT (see IV.
Troubleshooting for information on maximizing your drive’s capability) will auto-
matically detect it and determine the appropriate settings for the drive and install or
load the correct driver. Your CD-ROM Drive supports the ATAPI drive interface. Thus
other systems, such as Linux and OS/2, should be able to automatically detect your
CD-ROM Drive and load the appropriate device driver.