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ASUS CD-R/RW Drive User’s Manual
Auto Selftest
The auto selftest will execute a number of diagnostic tests and will be activated
by pushing and holding Open/Close button for one complete Open/Close cycle
of the tray.
The auto selftest can also be executed by holding the Open/Close button for
about 4 seconds during power-up.
The disc-in LED and the write-LED will be tested before the actual selftest:
— The disc-in LED will flash three times: The first time RED, the second
time GREEN and the last time ORANGE.
— The write-LED will flash ORANGE.
This is repeated once.
During execution of a particular test 0, the right LED is ORANGE. After execu-
tion of this test, the right LED will flash a number of times.
If this part of the test failed, then the LED will flash RED a number of times. The
number of flashes, corresponds to the sequence number of the test.
In case of a failing selftest, it may helpful to report the number of the failing test.
Example: Execution of Test 4
• Disc-in LED is ORANGE
— Test 4 is being executed
• Disc-in LED flashes 4 times GREEN
— Test 4 is executed succesfully
• Disc-in LED flashes 4 times RED
— Test 4 failed
After completion of the whole selftest, a final indication of the testresults will be
given: The LED will flash GREEN-ORANGE for about 3 seconds if the test is
successful. Otherwise, the LED will be RED untill a new command has to be