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Quick Start Guide
Unfolding the monitor
The monitor is folded in the package. To unfold the monitor, hold the back cover
and press the Button with one hand, and carefully tilt the monitor forward with the
other hand until the Button rebounds with a click.
Connecting the cables
1. Connect the cables as the following instructions:
• To connect the power adapter: first, connect the adapter cord securely to the
monitor’s DC-in port. Then, connect the power plug to the adapter port with the
other end to a power outlet.
• To connect the VGA/DVI cable:
a. Plug the VGA/DVI connector to the LCD monitor’s VGA/DVI port.
b. Connect the other end of the VGA/ DVI cable to your computer’s VGA/
DVI port.
c. Tighten the two screws to secure the VGA/DVI connector.
Turning the monitor on
Gently press the power button . See page 1-2 for the location of the power
buton. The power indicator lights up in blue to show that the monitor is ON.